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Garfield Commons – Resident Involvement Ensures Sustainability

According to City of Pittsburgh Housing Authority Executive Director, Caster Binion, Garfield is the model on how affordable housing should look. Beginning almost 7 years ago, the severely distressed public housing development where 326 row houses existed, is now a mixed income community that will consist of 225 townhomes upon completion. The construction of the remaining 50 homes was completed April 2013, ten detached homes of which have garages. Read More ›

Project Will Preserve History of Former Addison Terrace and Hill District

KBK Enterprises has asked The KBK Foundation to work alongside the development and construction efforts to document and preserve the rich history of the Hill District. While over 400 units of mixed-income housing will physically restore much of the Hill’s environment, The KBK Foundation aims to add to the pride and heritage in another way- with an in-depth Addison Terrace History Project (ATHP). Read More ›

What is Section 3?

Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended ( 12. U.S.C. 170 I u) (Section 3), is to ensure that training, employment and other economic opportunities generated by certain HUD financial assistance shall be directed to low­and very low-income persons, particularly those who are recipients of government assistance for housing, and to business concerns, which provide economic opportunities to low and very-low income persons. The KBK Foundation’s Section 3 monitoring process has sparked national attention and praise from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Foundation In Practice

The KBK Foundation has been responsible for implementing this program on major construction projects around the country and is dedicated to providing a multitude of self-sufficiency opportunities such as Section 3, which helps limit a large degree of economic barriers that prevents an individual from obtaining gainful employment. The Foundation acts as the qualifying agent responsible for identifying, developing, and preparing a workforce within the disadvantaged population in each project area.
In effort to deliver a higher standard of quality services, KBK has strengthened its supportive services by developing and implementing a Workforce Development component that focuses on redeveloping neighborhood communities. We will be partnering with community organizations in order to offer focused training opportunities that will lead to gainful long-term employment in construction trades.

“Because of committed businesses like KBK and Keith B. Key, we see how Section 3 can help our public housing residents.”

Don Babers, HUD Region IV Administrator

David Simpkins’ Story – D&D Contracting

For David D. Simpkins Sr., President of D&D Custom Contracting, winning the contract to do painting work at Addison Terrace Phase I represented taking part in the rebirth of his own community. Simpkins has done work in most of the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh throughout the company’s life but, this particular project brought back memories of his childhood growing up in the Hill District. Simpkins turned his business achievement into a way to give back to businesses and residents in the community- hiring the highest number of Section 3 hires of any subcontract on the site.

In addition to investing in individuals through job opportunities, Simpkins currently strives to help other young entrepreneurs build their companies. He actively seeks out individuals with either fledgling startups or ideas for a business to offer advice and support in order to build the economic base of the African American community. “We started off with just me…I built it by trial and error, by failures– a lot of different things so, my hope is that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel but that those like us can reach out to those who are starting to give them assistance.” Simpkins’ work and model has proven successful even in just his contract at Skyline Terrace. KBK Enterprises is excited to see how D&D Contracting continues to be a positive impact on other projects in the city.

Garfield Gators Enter Three Year Partnership

The KBK Foundation has entered into a 3 year partnership with the Garfield Gators Football Team. The program led by Bob Jones, for youth ages 5-14, provides neighborhood children a place where academics, discipline and personal accountability are encouraged. Sponsorship from The KBK Foundation will assist with scholarships being offered to youth to participate in the Gator football program and cover items such as equipment and travel. Bob Jones, a former Defensive Cornerback for the University of Notre Dame, got his start as a Gator and owes his own success to the program. The men and women who coach these young people serve as role models in a neighborhood where economic, environmental and social challenges are commonplace.