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2020 COVID-19 Resident Impact Summary

This year our residents have experienced unexpected difficulties during the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As our world changed, we were able to be there when our residents needed us the most during this unprecedented time. Supporting and providing necessary assistance, connections, and resources in time of need was critical and life sustaining. From providing meals, financial assistance and relief, and other free or reduced cost programs has been the priority. Here is a snapshot of the positive impact we have had on our residents in the year of 2020:
  • The Community Supportive Services Initiative (CSS) is the frontline “HUB” for the COVID-19 Call Center. The HUB functions as the heartbeat of the property. The Community Relations Officers (CRO’s) provide residents with excellent customer service, resource information and triage all property related calls to the appropriate location. There has been approximately 8,800 interactions between our CROs and residents beginning in March.
  • Beginning April 2020, local agencies began to assist in providing residents with fresh produce, hot-boxed meals, lunches, snacks and more! Special thanks to our community partners; Earthen Vessels Outreach, Meals on Wheels, Larimer Consensus Group, Valley View Presbyterian Church, 412 Food Bank, Every Day’s A Sunday, Bloomfield Garfield Association, Community Empowerment Association and East End Cooperative Ministry, Farm-to-Table Produce and Dairy, Pittsburgh Public School Grab-n-Go, and Neighborhood Resilience Project Weekend Backpack Program.  Approximately 52,300 meals were delivered by our CRO’s.
  • Once the nationwide “shelter in place” mandate order took affect Community Supportive Service (CSS) team had begun reaching out to several resource agencies for emergency financial assistance for numerous residents who lost their jobs and childcare. Special appreciation goes to our generous partners and the CARES Relief Program we were able to acquire approximately $353.580.00 during 2020 to assist our residents. Special thanks to Urban League, United Way, Family Resource, Allegheny Alliance Church, Macedonia FACE, and Allegheny Link.
Our world as we once knew it has been completely altered and our foundation adapted quickly, and we could not be more proud of the hard-work and dedication our foundation has in serving our residents and the community!