The Heritage

The Heritage (fka Agler Green) is a 384 unit project based Section 8 development on 45 acres. The once crime riddled development known as “Uzi Alley” has 100% occupancy. The Heritage at the time it opened for leasing in 2003 had 1000 applicants and a two year waiting list. It continues to be a marquee development in Columbus, OH. Part of the attraction is the size of the units, which are very large for a project based Section 8 property. The Heritage was the largest affordable housing  development in the State of Ohio for two years and the largest single project in Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing’s (OCCH) portfolio.

The property features a community center, five playgrounds and basketball courts. Residents have been able to participate in numerous activities sponsored by The KBK Foundation. Total project cost for this development was $26 million. Below are highlights of The Foundation’s work at The Heritage.

Community Development

  • Established and continue to have an annual community day celebration, known as The Heritage Festival, since 2003.
  • Established a block watch with neighborhood groups.
  • Designated the community as a “Drug Free” and “Weapon Free” Zone.

Economic Development

  • Partnered with PNC, Chase Bank and Huntington National Bank to offer financial literacy workshops to residents. These workshops were designed to teach that financial literacy was more than just being able to balance a checkbook, compare prices or get a job. It also included skills for long term vision and planning for the future.

Social Services

  • Provide afterschool programming for students at the site.
  • Established a “Virtual High School” with the Columbus Public Schools at the site and have graduated over 100 youth at risk of drop out.
  • Provide GED training, ESOL and interpretation services at the community.
  • Established activities for youth and seniors as well as host events at our sites to support and educate families about services available in the city.
  • Work with faith based and community organizations who are interested in providing services to our residents.
  • The Foundation offers scholarships to residents in properties that are owned and managed by KBK Enterprises. This scholarship which is also available to individuals outside of KBK communities, range from $500-$1000 and are a meaningful way to help break some of the financial barriers associated with attending college. The Foundation believes that everyone should have the opportunity to earn a college education.