Middle Hill

Phase 3 “Middle Hill” adds another 52 mixed-income rental homes to the Hill District using existing lots to focus on infill development to add to the beauty of the existing neighborhood. This third installment of Skyline Terrace includes 20 three-bedroom units, 28 two-bedroom units, and 4 one-bedroom units.

KBK was selected as developer of Addison Terrace, a former public housing community, situated in the center of Pittsburgh’s Hill District. Addison lies on approximately 50 acres and is comprised of 734 barrack style row houses. With most of the units dating back to the 1940’s the plan is to replace the units with a 400 unit town home, mixed income development. This would include market rate and subsidized housing. The new housing would be constructed over the next six to eight years in phases.

The award for Addison Terrace is the largest award to a minority enterprise in the history of Pittsburgh, at approximately $160 million, surpassing KBK Enterprises previous largest project award, Garfield  Commons at $100 million. Below are highlights of The Foundation’s work at Addison Terrace.

Community Development

  • KBK Enterprises constructed a community space and leasing office for dedicated staff, known as the Teenie Harris Resident Center.
  • The Foundation will be documenting and preserving the rich history of the Hill District through the Addison Terrace History Project. This project will bring an element that isn’t typically associated with public housing, art. The goal of this project is to utilize the redevelopment of Addison Terrace as a launch for the documentation, its part in The Hill’s rich history and present it back to the community in an innovative and comprehensive manner. This effort is not only for current residents of Addison Terrace, but for future residents, scholars, and neighbors.

Economic Development

  • Phase 3-Middle Hill is one of KBK Enterprises’ largest and most significant redevelopment efforts to date.
  • The total development cost for the planned 400-unit development, including significant upgrades to local public utilities and streets is approximately $160 million, making Skyline Terrace one of the largest redevelopments of affordable housing within the City of Pittsburgh.
  • 59% MWBE participation in residential construction, 30 Section 3 workers
  • Certified Green Community

Social Services

The services The Foundation offers to our residents in Pittsburgh include job readiness, tutoring, after school and daycare services as well as art projects, dance workshops and holiday events. The engagement with the community members spans beyond the building; it includes the fostering of a community with educational and informative opportunities