Community Development

The KBK Foundation believes in enriching the lives of  populations that have been traditionally underserved. Our “Beyond Bricks and Sticks” approach to community development pushes us to address all human issues through successful development partnerships with housing authorities, government agencies, and non profits. Working with these agencies is a necessity to achieve the relationship between real estate development and resident development. This is especially critical in urban communities to ensure continuity of services and a method of inclusion.

Affordable housing is one of the most important, quality of life contributions we can make to our resident’s future and eventually home ownership.

Therefore The Foundation’s activities include redeveloping large dense public housing projects into mixed income, mixed finance communities, encouraging affordable, mixed and mixed use housing for low to very low income individuals and families. Toward this end, The Foundation will provide advocacy, information and assistance to tenants of public housing projects as to their rights and responsibilities. Additionally we will also instruct the general public on the importance of and advocate for adequate housing for low to very low income individuals and families.