Contractor Spotlight: R. Kohlman Development

Robert Kohlman Development (RKD) is a minority-owned company that won the electrical contract for Skyline Terrace in Pittsburgh, PA. Co-owners Robert Kohlman and Anthony Boswell are focused on hiring local residents for this project. “It’s because of where we’re from,” Boswell explained. “We want to see people who look like us having the opportunity. They want the same opportunities that we had.” Robert Kohlman, grew up in Pittsburgh’s Hill District and has worked in the electrical field for decades. After building his business with New Orleans native, Boswell, the two have focused the mission of their company to serve a community need.

While Anthony Boswell isn’t from Pittsburgh, he has encountered business practices across the country and noticed that minority companies had not been getting their “fair share” of contracts. “Pittsburgh is a different dynamic, but overall, we see the same amount of income disparity all over the United States especially when it comes to African Americans.” Boswell said. “Providing opportunities for them is very important. The people are a little different than southerners but as far as the work goes, everybody’s hungry. They want to eat, that’s a common denominator in all communities.”

RKD has achieved the highest number of Section 3 contracts on site. Construction is hard work but, both Boswell and Kohlman agree that what the residents here in Pittsburgh need is a chance. “We had some opportunities given to us that helped make a difference in our lives so we like to try to transform and make a difference in some of their lives.”