About Us

The KBK Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded with the mission of “Bridging Today’s Realities With Tomorrow’s Possibilities”.

Our organization is the community supportive services partner of KBK Enterprises. The Foundation provides programs and services to all residential sites either owned or managed by KBK Enterprises. These programs provided by The KBK Foundation empower residents by assisting them to take significant strides toward self-sufficiency. The passionate objective of The KBK Foundation is demonstrated through our core purpose of empowering communities and changing lives.

The KBK Foundation was incorporated in April 2009 as an Ohio non-profit corporation for charitable purposes, as such term is defined for purposes of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The Foundation’s primary focuses are:

Community Development

The KBK Foundation believes in the process where community members, stake holders and those who have a vested interest collectively come together to take action and generate solutions to common problems. The Foundation partners with governments, nongovernmental organizations and community groups to assess and understand local needs and the reasons behind them. We work with our partners to devise programs that will help improve health, support education and create economic growth. Wherever our presence, we strive to be a good neighbor, sharing the concerns of our communities and dedicating our capabilities, resources and people to creating a better future.

Economic Development

Individuals everywhere desire economic opportunities that will help them achieve stability and prosperity. The KBK Foundation fosters this goal by investing in programs that promote self-sufficiency, job growth and economic development. We start by assessing the local community needs, then take action to help remove barriers to economic growth. Many of The Foundation’s economic development projects focus on promoting access to the disenfranchised and economic empowerment for women. Through our social investment we work to increase job opportunities and grow local economies.

Social Services

The Foundation provides a full array of human needs services that enhance and improve quality of life. The Foundation contributes to the social well being of people where we operate because we recognize the deep interdependence of healthy businesses and healthy societies. When communities are healthy, they’re better able to build long-term prosperity for all.

Why the Tickbird and the Rhino?

Our logo for The KBK Foundation is a tickbird and rhino. The tickbird and rhino share a symbiotic, mutually beneficial partnership similar to KBK Enterprises and The KBK Foundation. The tickbird sets up house as a temporary guest on the rhinos back, removing and feeding off of parasites embedded in the rhinos hide. The tick bird also warns the rhino of danger or predators through loud chirping or hissing noises. They have evolved physiologically to meet each other’s needs. The tickbird is provided a temporary home and receives sustenance by feeding upon the rhinoceros, and the rhinoceros receives the removal of parasites and protection when the bird warns of approaching predators. The tickbird’s role has been given the Swahili name “askari wa kifaru”; this translates in English to “the rhino’s guard.”