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Education Furthered Through Foundation Scholarships

Two individuals recently were recipients of a $1000 scholarship toward higher learning by the KBK Foundation. The KBK Foundation offers a yearly scholarship to residents at development communities that are owned and managed by KBK Enterprises. The scholarship is also available to employees of KBK Enterprises and their dependents. The KBK Foundation is the community supportive services partner of KBK Enterprises.

Alycia Ford is a freshman starting her college career at Hampton University located in Hampton,Virginia. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA she is a firm believer in the quote by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” She has chosen a degree path in Nursing with the goal of becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists.

Alycia’s passion for nursing began through watching medical based television programs such as Grey’s anatomy. As a high school student, she previously participated in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Prepare to Care Program where she was educated in different jobs in the medical field. The additional assistance provided through the KBK Foundation scholarship award will help Alycia reach her goal in helping individuals conquer illnesses with natural remedies. She stated, “Having the opportunity to become an African American Nurse Anesthetist and being the first person in my family to be in the medical field will be a rewarding accomplishment. Not only will this career path benefit me, but it will also show my younger family members and community that anything is possible.”

Muna Muse, our second scholarship winner from Columbus, Ohio, knew as a young child she would have great potential. She is already in pursuit of obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at The Ohio State University. After which, she will pursue a Masters in the same field. She plans to work in the emergency room as a Level 1 Pediatric Critical Care Trauma Nurse for top humanitarian aid organizations such as The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.

Muna was inspired to study nursing through caring after her younger siblings at a young age. Being that she was the oldest child, she had the full responsibility of taking good care of her younger siblings. She stated “I know a college education is essential to my future. College is a chance to improve my life by having more opportunities and by setting an example for my younger siblings as the first person to attend college. With the help of the KBK Foundation scholarship,”  she explained, “not only would it pay off for college, but it would give me the opportunity to serve my community and family.”